Information about things found in taxi cabs in Philadelphia.

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Good morning! We were there yesterday and we were wondering if someone left a glasses case with a regular pair of glasses and a pair of sunglasses in them. Thanks!

Found a black professional camera. Please email me back if someone reports it lost. Lost approximately 6 pm on 12/7/12
Think the cab company was Liberty. Thank you
Soona Rajkumar

Mini cooper car keys, several store discount cards including Rite Aid Wellness and others. the back of a cab this morning—blue and white color cab I think. Please email back for pickup.
Simran Sidhu

Hi, we found a grey mountain hardwear backpack which has some gym clothes etc in it at 9.30 pm tonight. Please ask them to get in touch to collect it. Thanks
Petals Deas

Dear Michael--Thank you very much for your response. Believe it or not, the cab driver turned in my wallet.
Virginia Rauh

Thanks Michael! I recovered my phone this evening. It had fallen out of my pocket in a Capital cab. Good to know that there's at least one cab company in town I can trust...
Stanton Newman

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